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hello its me

trying so hard to get that "everybody must get stoned" bob dylan song out of my head.

how all you people out there in the universe of livejournal? i think the last time i updated was about 4 months ago, but i'm kinda wondering why i bother because i see most of you all at school. hmmm what a conundrum. i'm just about being massacred by school and i'm only doing about half my work, uh oh.

picture this:
you are very small, actually you are a termite, you're very happy in your little termite world doing little happy termite things when some one comes along and bashes you over your tiny termite head with an eight pound block of super heated bronze. this person does not only crush you, but smears your little termite brains all over the pavement.

this is how school makes me feel, but its all good, what can you do?
beware the jabberwok, my son!
the jaws that bite, the teeth that catch!
beware the jubjub bird, and shun
the frumious bandersnatch!
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