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so... i haven't written in this thingaroo for about 3 months and change, i have a feeling it doesn't matter so much cause no one reads these anyways.
i'm really bored at this moment and i'm having EXTREME trouble focusing/keeping entertained, i keep changing my mind about everything for no good reason.
i had a very long conversation with shemona on the phone yesterday about how we could pool all the money we owned (14 dollars)and buy a vast quanitity of 9 cent feeder fish (holy shit i just realized there's no cents sign on my keyboard! you think of all things that they'd have that). then we were going to put all the feeder fish in her bath tub and i don't really know what we were going to do after that.
then i came up with an ingenious plan to force the legalization of marijuana in seattle, really, it would work, someone should pay me for figuring it out.
then i watched dude where's my car and lowered my iq enough so that you all don't have to feel inferior to me, aren't i a nice person?
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